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See video Basic Poultry Nutrition

Very good short video on basic poultry nutrition by Dr. Nick Dale (UGA Poultry Science)

2012/11/16 - 10:55am
Length: 11:20
See video Geese in South Dakota 2012/11/14 - 7:42am
Length: 0:44
See video Lighting system test

OUr latest lighting system test.  9 watt leds, 20' on center over the feed lines, and 60 watt flourescents  20' on center along the centerline of the house for brooding

2012/11/10 - 6:42am
Length: 0:16
See video Growing chicken 2012/11/09 - 9:33am
Length: 0:00
See video Cool chicks next to leaking brooding curtain 2012/10/18 - 9:10pm
Length: 0:13
See video 40' X 500' Retrofitted broiler house

Newly retrofitted 40' X 500' broiler house:

1) Nine 48" slant wall fans + three new 52" fans (600 ft/min average air speed)

2) 75' X 5' X 2 of evaporative cooling pads

3) 4' Tunnel doors.


2012/10/08 - 4:00pm
Length: 0:18
See video Cheap evaporative cooling pads are not inexpensive

This is a new pad sold by a nontraditional pad manufacturer.   The paper is of such low quality it is very doubtful whether it will last a few flocks of use.

2012/09/14 - 8:59am
Length: 0:14
See video Studying the air moving capacity of circulation fans

The FANS unit is being used to studying the air moving capacity of various circulation fans. 

2012/08/25 - 7:52am
Length: 0:16
See video Evaporative cooling water distribution system (BIg Dutchman)

A good evaporative cooling water distribution system should be able to deliver a high volume of water to the top of the pads (0.75 gals/min per linear foot) without excessive water leaking/spraying from the system.

2012/08/16 - 5:14pm
Length: 0:11
See video High pressure fogging system

A high pressure (1200 psi) fogging system was installed on a small poultry house with perimeter air inlets.  The inlets are located at the top of the side wall and air is drawn up through an 8" insulated air plenum.  The...

2012/08/09 - 4:44pm
Length: 0:52