The University of Georgia

Cold Weather and Hot Weather Management Workshops

The University of Georgia's poultry ventilation workshops are held twice a year on the campus at the Oconee County Civic Center approximately 10 miles from the UGA campus. These intensive training program has been specifically designed for the broiler flock supervisor. The workshops consists of lectures, group exercises, and utilization of Excel spreadsheets to educate attendees on the principles behind environmental control of poultry houses during cold and hot weather.


2016 Hot Weather Management Workshop/Webinar

Registration Information (April 18 - 20)

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2016 The University of Georgia

International Poultry Short Course

Poultry Nutriion and Bird Health

Principles and Implementation

January 30 - February 2

The purpose of this short course is to provide poultry professionals with an intensive educational experience containing relevant, up to date information critical to efficient modern broiler production. Topics in the 2016 course will focus on the nutrition and health management of the modern broiler. The University of Georgia Poultry Science faculty are internationally recognized, have decades of "real world" experience and are considered to be among the best in the world in their respective areas of expertise. The UGA International Poultry Short Course is designed to be interactive and hands-on. The 3 ½ -day training is loaded with practical information meant to be directly applied to making a difference to the bottom line of your poultry business.


•Energy Concepts

•Protein/Amino Acids

•Lipids Carbohydrates


•Non-Nutritive Feed Additives Anti- Nutritive Compounds

Feed Milling & Diets:

•Feed Mill Flow

•Mixer Types and Variability

•Milling and Pelleting

•Proximate Analysis & Ingredient Quality

•Feed Labels

•Nutrient Classes of Poultry

•Managing Feed in Broiler Housing

•Managing Feed in Breeder/Pullet Housing

•Feeding Systems in Layer Housing

•Water Quality

Poultry Health and Management:

•Introduction to "Hatchery Diseases"

•Hatchery Sanitation: How Cleanliness Can Prevent Disease

•Proper Hatcher Vaccination Techniques

•Hatchery Sanitation and Vaccination Stations

•Immune System of Poultry

•Respiratory Diseases

•Environmental Factors that Effect Respiratory Disease

•Enteric Disease

•Environmental Factors that Effect Enteric Disease

•Necropsy Instruction


•Biosecurity Instructions

•Biosecurity Walk-Through: Do's and Don'ts

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