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See video Circulation fan testing

In the past the primary purpose of circulation fans was to break-up temperature stratification and therefore reducing heating costs.  Today, and in the future, with increased interest in keeping litter dry circulation fans are...

2015/11/06 - 10:24am
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See video Solid migration fence

This is a good example of why migration fences should be made of a material that air can pass easily through. The migration fences in this house were made of 2' tall curtain material. The "dead spot" behind each of the...

2015/08/01 - 2:45pm
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See video Poultry vets on call

Our friends at the UGA poultry disease research center at work

2015/06/13 - 2:57pm
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See video Heating Poultry Houses Using Litter

Hydronic poultry house heating system designed by Total Energy Solutions in Pennsylvania.  It was approxiamtely 20 F outside and the system, utilizing Cubo heat exchangers, was doing a very nice job of providing ideal brooding...

2015/01/10 - 1:38pm
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See video Time lapse thermal image

The approximately 600  thermal images in this time lapse video were take in a tunnel ventilated house with near market age birds during hot weather (9 am to Noon)

2014/07/03 - 6:30am
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See video Thermal image of poorly insulated tunnel-ventilated barn during hot weather.

Though tunnel ventilation is a very effective method of keeping birds cool during hot weather, its effectiveness is significantly reduced in poorly insulated house.  In this thermal image there is a significant amount of heat...

2014/05/24 - 3:23pm
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See video Hot air produced by a "box heater" collecting at the ceiling. 2014/02/07 - 11:36am
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See video Thermal video of attic inlet in operation (8X speed) 2013/09/27 - 2:59pm
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See video 4.5 lb broiler, 600 ft/min wind speed, 85 F, very comfortable birds

This video shows just how good conditions can be inside a modern broiler house during hot weather (90+ F outside).  The market age birds are very comfortable on very hot days due to the high air velocity moving over the birds...

2013/08/22 - 8:10am
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See video Thermal video of 49-day-old broilers in tunnel-ventilated house (650 ft/min) 2013/08/08 - 3:43pm
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