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See video Summertime 2016/06/14 - 7:13am
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See video Flyover of demonstration farm 2016/01/24 - 1:17pm
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See video Attic inlet condensation cloud

When cold air enters through an inlet and comes in contact with warm, moist air inside, the temperature of the interior air near the inlet will decrease.  As the temperature of the air decreases the moisture holding ability of...

2016/01/13 - 4:40pm
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See video Exhaust Fan Condensation Cloud

The nice thing about cold mornings is that you can actually see the moisture being exhausted from a poultry house.  On this particular morning it was 25 F and the relative humidity was approximately 50%.  Inside it was 90 F...

2016/01/12 - 12:31pm
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See video Circulation fan testing

In the past the primary purpose of circulation fans was to break-up temperature stratification and therefore reducing heating costs.  Today, and in the future, with increased interest in keeping litter dry circulation fans are...

2015/11/06 - 11:24am
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See video Solid migration fence

This is a good example of why migration fences should be made of a material that air can pass easily through. The migration fences in this house were made of 2' tall curtain material. The "dead spot" behind each of the...

2015/08/01 - 3:45pm
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See video Poultry vets on call

Our friends at the UGA poultry disease research center at work

2015/06/13 - 3:57pm
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See video Heating Poultry Houses Using Litter

Hydronic poultry house heating system designed by Total Energy Solutions in Pennsylvania.  It was approxiamtely 20 F outside and the system, utilizing Cubo heat exchangers, was doing a very nice job of providing ideal brooding...

2015/01/10 - 2:38pm
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See video Time lapse thermal image

The approximately 600  thermal images in this time lapse video were take in a tunnel ventilated house with near market age birds during hot weather (9 am to Noon)

2014/07/03 - 7:30am
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See video Thermal image of poorly insulated tunnel-ventilated barn during hot weather.

Though tunnel ventilation is a very effective method of keeping birds cool during hot weather, its effectiveness is significantly reduced in poorly insulated house.  In this thermal image there is a significant amount of heat...

2014/05/24 - 4:23pm
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