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See video Midwest Coverage: Czarick offers quick ventilation tips

The University of Georgias Mike Czarick shared ventilation pointers at the MPF Convention.

2011/03/14 - 4:08pm
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See video Air flow through small side wall curtain opening

During cold weather if side wall curtains do not seal tightly against the side wall cold air will be directed toward the floor chilling the birds.  To minimize side wall curtain leakage:

Make sure the top of the side...

2011/03/23 - 11:02am
Length: 0:05
See video Air exiting poultry house from loose fitting curtain

Loose fitting side wall curtains in addition to allowing cold air to drop to the floor on the upwind side of a house, allow hot ceiling air to exit on the downwind side of a house.

2011/03/23 - 11:04am
Length: 0:18
See video Air inlet operating under low static pressure

Without sufficient static pressure air entering through inlets will not have sufficient speed to make it much past the side wall of a house.  The objective during cold weather is to have sufficient static pressure and inlet...

2011/03/23 - 11:05am
Length: 0:11
See video European style air inlet operating in open ceiling house

European style inlet is cable of directing the air along the ceiling of an opening ceiling house moving hot air collecting at the peak of the ceiling down towards the birds.

2011/03/23 - 11:06am
Length: 0:27
See video Air flow pattern from attic inlet

Attic inlets direct prewarmed attic air along the ceiling during minimum ventilation thus minimizing drafts at floor level.

2011/03/23 - 11:06am
Length: 0:00
See video European style air inlet operating in dropped ceiling house

European style air inlets direct the air outward along the ceiling of a poultry house which maximizes the throw of the cold incoming air.  In this 50' wide house the european style inlet was capable of throwing air out to the...

2011/03/23 - 11:09am
Length: 0:15
See video Tunnel door smoke test

Tunnel doors act like large inlets that direct the air along the ceiling which then rotates back towards the side wall significantly increasing the amount of air movement over the birds in the vicinity of the tunnel opening....

2011/03/23 - 2:58pm
Length: 0:17
See video Side wall inlet air flow

This video illustrates proper air flow pattern from a side wall air inlet.

2011/03/23 - 3:05pm
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See video Tunnel air flow pattern

As compared to summertime circulation fans, tunnel ventilation produces a high level of air movement from wall to wall.

2011/03/23 - 3:32pm
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