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See video Pad with poor quality edge coating

A proper edge coating should stiffen the leading edge of the pad, even when wet.  This particular edge coating appears to be nothing more than just paint.

2011/09/20 - 3:54pm
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See video What's wrong with this picture?

One of the fans is actually running in reverse.  The grower removed the shutters from his tunnel fans to help maximize the speed of the air moving over his market age birds.  The problem is that he forgot to "lock on" the fans...

2011/09/11 - 4:56pm
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See video New 66' X 600' Broiler House 2011/09/01 - 7:53pm
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See video 50' X 500' Broiler house

675 ft/min, 50' X 500' broiler house with 120' X 5' of evaporative cooling pad

2011/08/17 - 9:38pm
Length: 0:23
See video Quality pad edge coating

A quality pad edge coating significantly increases the usable life of an evaporative cooling pad.  An edge coating stiffens the leading edge of the pad which keeps the flute open and makes it less likely the pad will be...

2011/07/22 - 5:07pm
Length: 0:07
See video Plastic evaporative cooling pads

Water flowing over a plastic evaporative cooling pad system

2011/06/20 - 6:28pm
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See video "Turbulator" vertical circulation fan

The "Turbulator" is a new version of an old type of circulation fan.  Instead of pushing the air from the ceiling directly down towards the floor possibly leading to drafty conditions, the Turbulator directs air at downward...

2011/06/04 - 8:45am
Length: 0:35
See video Open top/bottom light hood for side wall inlets

Care must be taken when installing light hoods because there are a number of hoods on houses today that though they do a good job of reducing interior light levels, due to poor design they also reduce the air capacity of the...

2011/05/22 - 10:45am
Length: 0:18
See video Brooding area of new 50' X 500' totally enclosed broiler house

Broording area of new 50' x 500' totally enclosed broiler house equipped with european inlets, attic inlets, tunnel doors, can circulation fans, and high intensity radiant brooders.

2011/05/12 - 8:34pm
Length: 0:13
See video Poultry house in China

Poultry house in China utilzing coal air heating system and electric brooders.

2011/05/07 - 8:24am
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