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See video Pullet house fan light trap wall

Tunnel fan light traps should be installed in a wall four to six feet from the fans.  There are a number of advantages for installing light traps in this fashion:

1) Light traps are easier to clean and maintain than...

2011/03/29 - 7:05am
Length: 0:11
See video 50' wide broiler house - center house brooding.

Video of a new 50' wide broiler house with attic inlets, radiant brooders, european side wall inlets, circulation fans, etc. during brooding.

2011/03/29 - 7:14am
Length: 0:19
See video Tunnel fan leakage during cold weather

During cold weather tunnel fan shutter leakage can result in a cold spot being created near the tunnel fan end wall.  When side wall exhaust fans are used the cold air entering through loose fan shutters quickly drops to the...

2011/04/22 - 2:16pm
Length: 0:33
See video Broiler house in the mountains of Costa Rica

A tunnel-ventilated broiler house using naturally ventilation on a "cool" rainy day.

2011/04/28 - 3:42pm
Length: 0:12
See video Hot water heating system

Example of a hot water heating system where water circulates thorugh steel pipes mounted to the side wall.

2011/05/06 - 9:04pm
Length: 0:14
See video Poultry house in China

Poultry house in China utilzing coal air heating system and electric brooders.

2011/05/07 - 8:24am
Length: 0:10
See video Brooding area of new 50' X 500' totally enclosed broiler house

Broording area of new 50' x 500' totally enclosed broiler house equipped with european inlets, attic inlets, tunnel doors, can circulation fans, and high intensity radiant brooders.

2011/05/12 - 8:34pm
Length: 0:13
See video Open top/bottom light hood for side wall inlets

Care must be taken when installing light hoods because there are a number of hoods on houses today that though they do a good job of reducing interior light levels, due to poor design they also reduce the air capacity of the...

2011/05/22 - 10:45am
Length: 0:18
See video "Turbulator" vertical circulation fan

The "Turbulator" is a new version of an old type of circulation fan.  Instead of pushing the air from the ceiling directly down towards the floor possibly leading to drafty conditions, the Turbulator directs air at downward...

2011/06/04 - 8:45am
Length: 0:35
See video Plastic evaporative cooling pads

Water flowing over a plastic evaporative cooling pad system

2011/06/20 - 6:28pm
Length: 0:09