Open top/bottom light hood for side wall inlets

Care must be taken when installing light hoods because there are a number of hoods on houses today that though they do a good job of reducing interior light levels, due to poor design they also reduce the air capacity of the side wall inlets by 20% or more. As a result, even though a house may have been originally designed so that the producer would be able to pull half their tunnel fan capacity (four or five 48" fans) through the inlets, they may find that after hoods are installed, that operating just a two or three 48" fans causes the static pressure to exceed 0.12". If the producer tries to turn on additional fans the static pressure goes even higher resulting in dramatically reduced fan performance, excessive electricity usage as well as placing excessive strain on dropped ceilings.

A light hood that is open at the top and bottm, and that overlaps the side wall inlets a foot or so at the top and bottom keeps the house subtstanially darker with less restriction to air flow than traditonal inlet light hoods with opening only at the bottom.