2018 Hot Weather Management Workshop/Webinar

2018 Hot Weather Management Workshop/Webinar

April 16 to April 18

The University of Georgia's poultry ventilation workshops are held twice a year on the campus at the Oconee County Civic Center approximately 10 miles from the UGA campus. These intensive training program has been specifically designed for the broiler flock supervisor. The workshops consists of lectures, group exercises, and utilization of Excel spreadsheets to educate attendees on the principles behind environmental control of poultry houses during hot weather.

Workshop Topics Include:

Feed and heat stress

Bird cooling methods

Basic tunnel ventilation system design

Factors affecting air speed in tunnel houses

Factors affecting air speed uniformity in tunnel houses

Tunnel ventilation and static pressure

Static pressure in tunnel houses

Tunnel fan selection

Hot weather bird health issues

Evaporative cooling basics

Solar power for poultry farms

Answers to a ten common questions about

evaporative cooling

Fan & evaporative cooling system maintenance

Hot weather management tips

Evaluating tunnel ventilation system performance

Basic tunnel ventilation system operation

Online registration:

Go to: https://estore.uga.edu/C27063_ustores/web/classic/store_main.jsp?STOREID=7

Click on “Hot Weather Management Workshop.”