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Selected 2013 Presentations

  • No.4 Lousiana Poultry Seminar - Latest Insites to Hot Weather Ventilation
  • No.3 AECACEM Queretaro, Mexico- Ventilating Poultry Houses During Cold Weather
  • No.2 AECACEM Queretaro, Mexico - Latest insites in to Hot Weather Poultry house Ventilation
  • No.1 Atlantic Poultry Conference (Greenwich, Nova Scotia)- Ventilating Poultry Houses During Cold Weather

Selected 2011 Presentations

  • No.1 Delmarva Poultry Seminar - Static Pressure In High Air Velocity Tunnel Houses
  • No.2 Delmarva Poultry Seminar - Keeping Birds Cool During Hot Weather
  • No.3 Latin American Poultry Congress - Keeping Birds Cool During Hot Weather
  • No.4 Iowa Turkey Federation Winter Meeting - Keeping Turkeys Cool During Hot Weather
  • No.5 NC State Broiler-Breeder School - Totally Enclosed Broiler-Breeder Houses
  • No.6 North Atlanta Poultry Conference - Ventilating Poultry Houses During Cold Weather

Selected 2010 Presentations

  • No.1 Virginia Broiler Grower Meeting. Broiler House Moisture Control and Energy Conservation. Harrisonburg Va
  • No.2 Midwest Poultry Show - Ventilating Turkey Houses During Cold Weather. St. Paul
  • No.3 PIX Tunnel Ventilation Workshop. Cold Weather Litter Moisture Control. Broadbeach, Queensland Australia
  • No.7 PIX Tunnel Ventilation Workshop. The Importance of Litter Moisture Control in Broiler Houses Broadbeach, Queensland Australia
  • No.5 PIX Layer Hen Workshop. Commercial Layer House Environmental Control. Broadbeach, Queensland Australia
  • No.6 PIX Layer Hen Workshop. Layer peformance and temperature control. Broadbeach, Queensland Australia
  • No.8 UGA Poultry Industry Meeting. Keeping Birds Cool During Hot Weather (broiler, layers, broiler breeders).
  • No.9 UGA Poultry Industry Meeting. Reducing Broiler House Power Usage
  • No.10 PSIW - Banff. Managing Poultry House Moisture During Cold Weather


Selected 2009 Presentations

  • No.7 Poultry House Ventilation System Design. Poultry Industry Conference, Niagra Falls Canada
  • No.6 Poultry House Ventilation System Design. Manitoba Turkey Management and Health. Winnepeg Canada
  • No.5 Reducing Poultry House Power Usage. USPAE. Memphis, TN
  • No.4 Alternative Heating Systems. Delmarva Poultry Conference, Ocean City, Md
  • No.3 Reducing Breeder/Pullet Farm Energy Usage. USPAE, Atlanta, Ga.
  • No.2 Keeping Birds Cool During Hot Weather. Iowa Turkey Grower Meetings. Iowa
  • No.1 Commercial Layer House Ventilation Systems. Michigan Poultry Producer Meetings.