Common Questions

What would you recommend to cool young birds when they are at 5-10 days old during hot seasons. For example, 9 day-old birds, house temp 91 F/32.5C, %46 humidity and most of the birds are panting. Baffles are open and two tunnel fan are on.
Put the house into tunnel ventilation mode (close side wall inlets) and turn on enough tunnel fan capacity to obtain an air speed of between 100 and 200 ft/min (max). If it gets hotter you could put a little water on the evaporative cooling pads (i.e., 10 seconds out of 5 minutes)
What is the best way to improve bird paw quality.
Maintain a litter depth of at least 3"...ideally +5" and keep your house relative humidity below 70%.
Will installing an exhaust fan in the attic make my house cooler during the summertime?
No. The amount of heat entering a house through the ceiling during the summertime would not be significantly affected by installing an attic exhaust fan.
How much more water does a typical evaporative cooling system use on a hot/dry day (100 - 30%) vs a hot/humid day (90/50%)?
Pad water usage roughly doubles on a hot/dry day versus a more typical hot/humid day.
How much air does the typical older 48" fan move?
Field measurements have found that a typical older, well maintained, 48" fan (+10 years) moves between 14,000 and 18,000 cfm at a static pressure of 0.10"
Does tunnel fan placement affect wall to wall air velocity distribution?
Not really. You could install tunnel fans in just one side wall (near the end wall) and the air velocity would remain fairly uniform from wall to wall.
Does installing tunnel fans in the end wall as opposed to the side walls increase air speed in tunnel houses?
No. There is essentially no diffference in air moving capacity of tunnel fans whether they are installed in the end wall or side wall.
Can I use my evaporative cooling pads at night?
For the most part no. But during periods of extreme heat where nighttime temperatures are in the mid to high eighties it is possible to use evaporative cooling pads late into the night.
Should I operate all my tunnel fans before using my evaporative cooling pads?
To obtain maximum bird cooling all the tunnel fans should operate before the evaporative cooling system operates. This is because evaporative cooling by itself does not cool the birds as much as many think. Evaporative cooling increases humidity which increases the effective temperature. For instance, for a 5 broliler (at 77F) increasing the relative humidity from 50 to 70% feels roughly the same as increasing the air temperature 9F to 86F.
How do I select the best tunnel fan for my house?
There are basically three performance characteristics you need to evaluate when comparing tunnel fans: air flow ratio, energy efficiency rating, and air moving capacity at the proper design static pressure. The fan air flow ratio indicates how well it will hold up under a static pressure (0.76 or better), The fan should have an energy efficiency rating of 20.8 cfm/watt or better. How many tunnel fans a house rquires should be based on their air moving capacity of 0.10" for most houses. For houses with airspeeds of 600 ft/min, 0.15" and over 700 ft/min 0.20".