Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Attic Inlets?

Though attic inlets can potentially reduce poultry house fuel usage, perhaps the most significant advantage to their use is improved house air quality and litter conditions during cold weather. First, since attic temperatures during the day can be 20oF or higher than outside air temperature, the relative humidity of the air entering a house through a house’s attic space can be half as much as that entering through its side wall inlets thereby making it easier to remove house moisture. Secondly..., warmer daytime attic temperatures tend to result in higher ventilation rates. The warmer air entering through an attic inlet doesn’t tend to cool off the house as quickly as cooler outside air entering through a house’s side wall inlet and as a result exhaust fans tend to operate for longer periods of time during the day. Since we are using air to transport the moisture from inside the house to outside the house, the greater the volume of air you can move through a house during the day, the more moisture you will remove from the house, the better your litter and air quality will be.



Year Volume Number Categories
2010 22 3