Basic Power-Ventilated Broiler House Operation

Over the years the poultry industry has become increasingly concerned with control over environmental conditions within poultry houses. For instance, forty years ago the typical poultry producer was not overly concerned about precisely controlling the environment within his poultry houses. For the most part, environmental control meant trying to keep chicks from freezing to death during the dead of winter and trying to prevent market age birds from dying of heat exhaustion during the heat of sum...mer. Producers started adding a little ceiling insulation to help keep their houses a little warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer to limit mortality as well as to improve feed conversion. Curtains were added to increase a grower’s ability to bring fresh air into the house during warmer weather and to help better regulate house temperature during the cooler times of the year. Circulation fans were added to increase bird cooling during hot weather and to help mix the air in the house during colder weather. Over the years more fans, better insulation, curtain machines, exhaust fans, thermostats, air inlets, tunnel ventilation, etc., have all been added to gain more and more control over the house environment. Today we have progressed to the point where we are not only trying to precisely control house temperature year round, but a number of other environmental factors as well: