Brooder Gas Hose Support Springs

A potential problem with brooders of all types is that the flexible gas line supplying the brooder can pinch partially closed where it attaches to the control valve. This can present a number of problems. First, and most obviously, a pinched hose can reduce gas flow to the brooder reducing heat output of the brooder, leading to cool chicks in the vicinity of the brooder. Reduced gas flow to a brooder can lead to poor flame quality, increasing the possibility for the production of carbon monoxide... which is not only dangerous for the birds but farm managers as well. Last but not least, repeated flexing of the gas line at the control valve due to the movement of the brooder (raising, lowering, swinging when tunnel-ventilating) can lead to the hose cracking where it attaches to the brooder and the possibility of a fire.



Year Volume Number Categories
2003 16 1