Circuit Breaker Overheating

One of the biggest fears for the owner of a tunnel-ventilated house is having big birds and losing electrical power on a hot summer day. They know if the power goes out and the side wall curtains on their houses do not fall, all their birds will probably be dead in less than 30 minutes. They also realize that even if their side wall curtains fall like they are supposed to, a bird which is acclimated to an “effective” air temperature in the mid seventies (85oF actual house temperature - 10oF ...windchill effect = 75 oF effective temperature) is very likely to die if it is suddenly subjected to air temperatures in the mid nineties. To minimize this potential for disaster, as well as insure against the accompanying economic loss, many producers with tunnel-ventilated houses have purchased standby, automatic transfer generators.



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1998 10 10