Condensation Clouds

Condensation clouds are a fairly common site on poultry farms during cold weather. They allow us to see, for a brief moment, the typically invisible moisture that is in the air that surrounds us. The fact is that from a practical standpoint, there really is no such thing as “dry” air. All air contains some amount of invisible moisture. We generally describe how much moisture is in the air in terms of relative humidity. But we must keep in mind that the moisture holding ability of air is not ...constant, but changes with temperature. Warmer air can hold more moisture than cooler air. In fact, for every 20oF increase in air temperature, the moisture holding ability of air roughly doubles. So, 60oF air can hold twice the moisture as 40oF, which can hold twice the moisture of 20oF, and so on.



Year Volume Number Categories
2009 21 13