Evaporative Cooling Pad Quality Makes a Difference

Six-inch evaporative cooling pad systems are a vital part of a tunnel-ventilated poultry house’s cooling system. When properly installed and maintained, a six-inch pad system can reduce the incoming air temperature on a hot summer day 20oF or more, dramatically reducing heat-stress-related problems. Furthermore, six-inch pad systems have virtually eliminated the need for interior fogging nozzles which has resulted in cleaner houses, increased equipment life, and reduced risk of electrical shoc...ks due to wet thermostats. Last but not least, six-inch pad systems have eliminated the wasteful run-off associated with traditional two-inch fogging pad systems. Most people would agree that the transition of the poultry industry from fogging and fogging pad systems to six-inch evaporative cooling pad systems has proven to be very beneficial to the birds we grow as well as to growers.



Year Volume Number Categories
2008 20 7