How Much Water Does a Broiler House Use

Water is a crucial commodity when it comes to producing broilers. From the day they are placed until the day they are sold a broiler will drink approximately a quart of water every pound of feed consumed. If an average life time feed conversion of 1.75 is assumed, this means that it takes a little less than a half of a gallon of water for every pound of bird grown. To put this in perspective, on a farm where a four-pound-broiler is grown the birds in each 40' X 500' house will consume approximat...ely 50,000 gallons of water over the course of the flock. For a large broiler house (50' X 500'), growing a large broiler (+ 7 lbs) this can increase to nearly100,000 gallons of water per flock.



Year Volume Number Categories
2009 21 5