Majoring in Poultry Science = Employed

Obtaining a major from the Department of Poultry Science at The University of Georgia is a good return on investment. Students that major in Poultry Science or Avian Biology are well prepared to work in a number of positions in the poultry industry, in businesses that support the poultry industry or in other agribusiness or science related positions. The Poultry Science major gives students an understanding of the basic sciences such as biology, chemistry, microbiology, genetics, and physics. Kn...owledge from these core sciences is then built upon when students take courses such as avian physiology, nutrition, endocrinology, breeding, management, poultry health and processing. Poultry Science students also take a significant number of agribusiness courses that include economics, accounting, marketing, finance, farm organization and management, and agribusiness law. The Avian Biology major has a more intensive science curriculum instead of an agribusiness focus where students take a second semester of organic chemistry followed by courses in biochemistry, avian biomedical and molecular techniques. Students in this major take additional upper level biology and cell biology courses as well. Visit the following link to read more on the degree requirements for the Poultry Science and Avian Biology majors.


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2009 49 17