New Method of Totally Enclosing Curtain-Sided Broiler Houses

Though many producers may want to totally enclose their curtain-sided houses to minimize heating costs as well as increase their ability to precisely control the environment within their houses, there is a common obstacle - cost. For instance, taking a traditional stud-wall house and placing metal sheeting on the outside, filling the wall with fiberglass batt insulation, installing an interior vapor barrier, then covering the interior with plywood can cost nearly $10,000 for a 500' house. Closin...g up curtain openings using lumber or polystyrene board insulation and sheet metal siding are other viable options, but again the cost can run between $5,000 and $10,000. Spray polyurethane insulation is yet another option, but at a dollar a square foot is still more than many producers would like to spend.



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