Poultry House Leakage Area Calculator 2018

This spreadsheet allows the user to determine the amount of leakage area a poultry house has by conducting a static pressure test.  A static pressure test consists of closing all the openings in a poultry house and then turning on one fan (typically that has an air moving capacity of roughly 0.75 to 1.25 cfm per square foot of floor space) and measuring the resultant level of static pressure achieved.


  • House length and width

  • The air moving capac...ity of the fan that was used when conducting the static pressure test.

  • The level of static pressure reached when conducting the static pressure test.


  • Relative leakage area (ft2 of leakage per 1,000 ft2 of floor space)

  • Total effective leakage area

The user can then determine, given the static pressure test results, the percentage of fresh air that will enter though the inlets during minimum ventilation as well as how much the side wall inlets will open during minimum ventilation.


  • Number of side wall inlets to be used during minimum ventilation

  • The maximum opening size/height of the side wall inlets.

  • The length of the side wall inlets

  • The total fan capacity that will be used during minimum ventilation.


  • Total opening area required for minimum ventilation fans

  • Leakage area

  • The amount of opening need to be supplied by the side wall inlets.

  • The amount the side wall inlets need to opened.

  • The percentative of the air brought in by the minimum ventilation fans that will enter through the side wall inlets.


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