Six-inch Pad System Water Usage and Pipe Sizing

One of the keys to making sure you can keep your birds cool during hot weather is to make sure that you have sufficient water capacity. Insufficient water in a broiler house can result in significant economic losses not only from not having enough water for bird consumption but not having enough water to keep the birds cool on hot days. Though the birds in a modern broiler house can drink a significant amount of water, the biggest user of water is a house’s evaporative cooling pad system. Evap...orative cooling pad area is based on the amount of fan power in a house. The greater the fan power, the more pad required, the higher the amount of water used. Over the years water usage has increased on many farms due to the fact that we are putting in more air moving capacity in an effort to obtain higher air speeds to produce the cooling required for many of the larger birds that producers are growing today.



Year Volume Number Categories
2006 18 6