Understanding Radiant Brooders

One of the keys to providing optimal house/floor temperatures while keeping heating costs to a minimum during cold weather is to understand how a heating system actually heats a house. Forced air furnaces are quite simple to understand. A forced air furnace pulls air from the house, heats it up, and then blows it back in to the house. How radiant brooders, and conventional brooders for that matter, heat a house is a little more involved. Though they produce a fair amount of hot air, which heats ...the air in a house, they also produce radiant heat which heats the floor and birds directly. Since radiant brooders heat the floor directly, floor temperatures in the vicinity of the radiant brooder can be significantly higher than air temperature. Just how much warmer the floor in a particular area of a house will be above air temperature is a function of its distance from a radiant brooder.



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2004 17 1