Understanding Water and Sewer Rates and Rate Structures in Georgia

Many of Georgia poultry processors receive potable water from and discharge wastewater to public utilities. As a result, poultry processors receive a monthly bill that is often processed and paid without much thought to how the amount due was derived. In May 2008, the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (.gefa.org) and the Environmental Finance Center (.efc.unc.edu) published a report entitled, “Water and Sewer Rates and Rate Structures in Georgia” along with an interactive website th...at summarizes a comprehensive survey of the state’s public utilities. Although the main purpose of the survey and resulting report is to help public utilities around the state in setting rates and rate structures based on up-to-date detailed data and trends, poultry processors can also glean important fiscal information from the survey and website. Georgia poultry processors can visit .efc.unc.edu/ga/rates.html to get detailed information on water and sewer rates charged and rate structures used by their specific utility provider.


Year Volume Number Categories
2008 49 1