Using Smoke Emitters in Poultry Houses

One of the challenges in ventilating a poultry house is that we can’t see what we are trying to control, namely air flow into and around the house. When the fans come on it is difficult to determine if the cold air entering through the side wall inlets is making it all the way to the center of the house or falling to the floor just a couple of feet from the side wall. For that matter, we can’t tell if most of the air the exhaust fans are bringing in is coming in through the air inlets or fro...m cracks around the side wall curtains and end wall doors. Furthermore, because we can’t see air movement within the house, it is difficult to determine how changes in ventilation system management such as inlet opening, static pressure settings, or circulation fan run time affect the mixing of hot air produced by brooders/furnaces with cold air entering through the side wall inlets.



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