Using Steel Rod Instead of Cable for Air Inlets

One of the keys to maintaining uniform conditions throughout a poultry house as well as keeping fuel usage to a minimum, is making sure that when we bring fresh air into a house during cooler times of the year that we distribute it evenly throughout the house. It’s fairly simple; if we bring twice the cold air into one end of a house than the other, the air quality will be twice as fresh on the end receiving more air as well as significantly cooler. Of course, on the opposite end of the house ...the air will be significantly warmer and more stale. Fuel usage will be increased because of the simple fact that if we bring in twice the cold air into one area of the house the temperature will drop twice as much on this end increasing the likelihood that the furnaces/brooders in that area will have to come on to maintain the desired temperature. If the air is evenly distributed throughout the house the temperature would not drop as much, reducing the likelihood that the brooders/furnaces would come on.



Year Volume Number Categories
2001 13 13