Which Breed of Chicken Should I Put in my Backyard Flock?

Poultry production has evolved from raising a few hens and a rooster in your backyard to one of the largest food industries in the country where poultry farmers contract with companies to grow chickens. Even so, many people continue to raise chickens in their backyards and the practice is catching on. They decide to begin a backyard flock for a variety of reasons. Some do it for the pleasure of having them, others for the convenience of having eggs or meat on hand at all times. Some people raise... chickens in their yards for nutritional reasons and also the reduced cost associated with having their own flock. A large number of backyard growers raise chickens for showing at competitions such as state and county fairs. Whatever the reasons for wanting to start a flock the decision must be made on the breed and type of birds to use.


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