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See video Older broiler-breeder house in Ecuador

Very basic broiler breeder house (uninsulated ceiling - curtain ventilation) in Ecuador

2012/02/03 - 3:58pm
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See video Poultry house flooring system

Installation of a broiler house flooring system that is thought to reduce ammonia levels and increase broiler performance and health (see current research projects for details).

2012/02/07 - 6:27am
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See video Litterless poultry house flooring system

Ventilated plastic flooring system being studied by UGA scientists to evaluate its effectiveness in reducing ammonia concentrations and in improving bird performance.

2012/02/08 - 4:21pm
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See video Analyzing tunnel ventilation system performance in a 66' X 500' broiler house

A series of five anemometer poles (3 anemometers per pole) are being used to determine overall fan performance and wind speed distribution in a 66' X 500' tunnel ventilated broiler house.  The average air speed was 700 ft/...

2012/02/15 - 5:02pm
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See video Wind causing variation in static pressure measurements

Measuring static pressure accurately on a windy day can be a challenge.  Strong winds can easily change the static pressure on a house by +/- 0.05".  To minimize variations in static pressure measurements it is best if the...

2012/02/24 - 4:17pm
Length: 0:10
See video Pad damage due to high ph water

High pH water can dramatically reduce pad life.  Though ideally the water going to a pad system should be treated to bring the pH closer to neutral the problem can often be reduced by simply draining the water from the pad...

2012/05/10 - 3:38pm
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See video New 3 million bird commerical egg layer complex in China 2012/07/30 - 9:31am
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See video High pressure fogging system

A high pressure (1200 psi) fogging system was installed on a small poultry house with perimeter air inlets.  The inlets are located at the top of the side wall and air is drawn up through an 8" insulated air plenum.  The...

2012/08/09 - 4:44pm
Length: 0:52
See video Evaporative cooling water distribution system (BIg Dutchman)

A good evaporative cooling water distribution system should be able to deliver a high volume of water to the top of the pads (0.75 gals/min per linear foot) without excessive water leaking/spraying from the system.

2012/08/16 - 5:14pm
Length: 0:11
See video Studying the air moving capacity of circulation fans

The FANS unit is being used to studying the air moving capacity of various circulation fans. 

2012/08/25 - 7:52am
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