Attic Inlets….A First Look

A modern broiler house has two very different inlet systems: traditional side wall inlets and tunnel inlets. The tunnel inlets of course are for use during hot weather when we are trying to cool our birds, while the side wall inlets are for the remainder of the year when we are in general trying to conserve bird heat. The question is, do we need a third inlet system? The fact is that the 50 to 100 inlets the typical house has are best suited for mild weather with large birds. If we really wanted... air inlets just for use with our timer fans during cold weather, there would be significantly fewer of them. The reduced number of inlets would not only be easier to manage, but because they would tend to open more when the minimum ventilation fans came on, they would do a better job of throwing air towards the center of the house, thus creating more uniform house conditions. Today, many producers create their own “third inlet system” by closing a half or more of their side wall inlets during cold weather. But, is there a better way? One promising possibility is the use of an attic inlet system specifically designed to meet the challenges of ventilating during cold weather.



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