Pullet House Fan/Light Trap Comparison Worksheet (v5.0 – February 2018)

  • This excel spreadsheet allows the user to determine how the amount and type of fan/inlet light traps affect the air moving capacity of the exhaust fans and therefore air speed in a light-controlled, tunnel ventilated pullet house.  This version lists more currently used light traps

  • Input:

    • Number of fans

    • Air moving capacity (cfm) of  the fan you want to examine @ static pressures from 0.00" to 0.25"

    • Fan... condition

    • Type and amount of tunnel inlet light trap

    • Type and amount of tunnel fan light trap

    • Type and amount of evaporative cooing pad

    • House dimensions

  • Output:

    • Total static pressure tunnel fans will be working against

    • Estimated static pressure along length of the house

    • Amount of air moved by each tunnel fan.

    • Average air speed


Year Volume Number Categories