The Importance of Nighttime Wind Speed During Hot Weather

It is a hot, humid summer afternoon and you have older birds. All the tunnel fans are running as are the evaporative cooling pads. You cleaned your fan shutters and the belts were recently replaced. You have checked your pads and they are wetting evenly and appear fairly clean. Your migration barriers are up and the birds are fairly well distributed throughout the house. Even with all your efforts house temperatures are still in the mid to high eighties and most of the birds are panting. You won...der if there is anything else you could be doing to cool your birds. The fact is that despite producers’ best efforts birds in tunnel houses will get hot from time to time. Though this of course is frustrating, it need not adversely affect performance if you keep in mind that bird cooling is a 24 hour a day job.



Year Volume Number Categories
2005 17 8