Tunnel Ventilation Fan Performance Ratings

A grower's ability to keep his brids cool and operating costs to a minimum during warm weather in a modern tunnel-ventilated broiler house is determined to a large extent by the type of tunnel ventilation fans installed.  As a result, installing the "right" fan is crucial to a grower's bottom line.  The problem facing a grower is figuring out which fan is the "right" fan.  With more than ten manufacturers and well over 200 fan models to choose from, selecting a fan for a tunnel-ventilated hou...se can be an overwhelming task.  The air moving capacity of each of the different fans ust be compared so the proper number of fans needed can be determined.  The fans' energy efficiency ratings need to be compared to get an idea of which ones will keep electricity bills to a minimum.  The air flow ratios of the fans need to be compared to determine how ell each fan will hold up to high static pressures that may be caused by dirty shutters and pads.  The construction of each fan needs to be examined to get an idea of how long each fan will last.  Last but not least, a grower needs to compare the initial cost of the fans.



Year Volume Number Categories
1999 11 4