A New Four Way Attic Inlet….A First Look

There is a new four way counter-weighted attic inlet (Eagan Sturdy Seal) that is very different from those traditionally installed in poultry houses (Figure 1). One of the things that makes the new inlet so different is that inlet openings are not created by individual counter-weighted blades, but by the entire bottom of the inlet as it drops vertically away from a 2" tall insulated box frame (Figures 2 and 3). The amount of opening is controlled by a single adjustable counterweight and comes pr...eset to begin opening at a static pressure of approximately 0.05" (Figure 5). As the pressure increases, the bottom of the inlet drops further from the box frame, creating a larger and larger inlet opening. The inlet opening is limited to approximately two inches which minimizes the possibility of the creation of harmful drafts regardless of the pressure at which the inlet is set to operate. The new inlet is specifically designed so that all four sides always open the same amount (even when installed in a sloped ceiling), helping to ensure that fresh air is distributed uniformly throughout a house.



Year Volume Number Categories
2010 22 5